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Foundation Year & Company’s current situation




Head: 712, Huinbawi-ro 31, Jung-gu, Inchoen, Korea

TEL.+82 (0)32-721-7756 FAX.+82 (0)70-7500-0194 E-mail.

STRONG POINT We have the know-how accumulated a lot of experience

in Southeast Asia inbound travel company, including Vietnam, Thailand.

Finally, we became the leader in the same company with Southeast Asia inbound travel.

Our employees composed top class consider customer satisfaction our top priority value and we will make a ceaseless effort to create superior travel packages.

Also, our employees is able to take care of customers of more than 1,500 a month. Because, our staff, veteran who engaged in more than 20 years in inbound travel company.


  Seoul tour With KOKIN

Accommodations _ SEOUL pastedGraphic_1.png

HOTEL . M LOCATION : 14-23 Youido Dong, Yeongdeungpo-Gu, Seoul 150-870, Korea
ROOMS : 70
ROOM FACILITIES : Free Wifi, Free tea and water service,

Hair dryer, DVD, VIDEO PLAYER Machine, Cable TV

CONVENIRNT FACILITIES : Fitness Center, Café, Restaurant


 Accommodations _ SEOUL

pastedGraphic_2.png LOCATION : 117-19, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
ROOMS : 161
ROOM FACILITIES : Free tea and water service, Free Wifi, Hair dryer, DVD, Cable TV
CONVENIRNT FACILITIES : Restaurant, Catering Service, CaféSOAVE




The Main Building, which was subse quently completed in 1991, houses the private office of the President an d other various function rooms.

The exterior design was based on th e architectural techniques used in th e construction of traditional wooden royal palaces. The hipped and gable d roof of the building is regarded as one of the most refined and attractiv e styles of Korean traditional archite cture. It features lines converging at the crest of the roof in a triangle.

The roof rises on a slant from the tip of eaves to join together at the cres t of the roof, forming a hip.

The Main Building and its two annex es are covered with a total of 150,00 0 traditional Korean blue roof tiles(h ence, the name “Blue House” is also commonly used when referring to Cheong Wa Dae). The blue roof tiles are well known for their unique col or and their outstanding durability. Following procedures similar to that of making fine pottery, they last for over 100 years and do not become discolored. The interior of the buildi ng features modern amenities and fa cilities, striking a balance between ef ficiency, modernity and tradition.

The President’s private office is located on the second floor.There are several function rooms an d conference halls, including Jiphye onsil where the President meets wit h her senior staff or at times holds summit meetings with other Heads of State. Other rooms include Inwan gsil, a reception/dining hall and Baeg aksil, a private dining hall for smaller meetings. Chungmoosil is used for press briefings following summit me etings or official dinners to honor for eign dignitaries. This is also where accredited ambassadors and heads of mission present their credentials to the President.




N-Seoul Tower

The N SEOUL TOWER, which is a symbol of Seoul now, was established at the highest point to glance at the most beautiful images of Seoul.

It is also Korea’s first general radio wave tower from 1969, delivering TV and radio broadcasting in the metropolitan area. Not only does the N SEOUL TOWER have transmission antennas of KBS, MBC, SBS TV and FM but PBC, TBS, CBS, BBS FM transmission are also installed. 48% of the national audio population watches broadcasting through this trans mission tower. Since the N SEOUL TOWER was opened to the general public in 1980, it has become resting place for the citizens of Seoul as well as a tourist attraction for foreigners with the living nature of Namsan.



Cheong-gye-cheon Gwang-hwamun Street

Kyeongbok gung

Gyeongbokgung, or the Palace of Felicitous Blessing, was the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). It opened in 1395, the fourth year of the reign of Taejo, the founding monarch of Joseon.The palace attained all necessary facilities and systems commensurate with its status as Joseon’s primary palace during the reign of Sejong (r. 1418-1450). It was burnt down in 1592 during the Japanese invasions and remained in ruins until extensive reconstruction was undertaken in 1868, the fifth year of Gojong. However, many of the structures were removed during the Japanese colonial rule (1908-1945).

 Gyeonggi -do With KOKIN

Accommodations _ Gyeonggi-do

SIHEUNG TOURIST HOTEL LOCATION : 21, Pyeongansangga 4-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
ROOMS : 247
ROOM FACILITIES : Free WIFI, Free tea and water service, Hair dryer, TV
CONVENIRNT FACILITIES : Restaurant, Catering Service


THE SIGHTS_ Gyeonggi-do

 Hwa-seong Fortress

Suwon Haw- seong Fortress was constructed by king Jeong-jo (reigning 1777~1800), the 2 2nd king of Joseon dynasty (1392-1910) afte r moving the tomb of his father Sadoseja, Cr own Prince, who had been victimized in facti on struggles in the court, and put inside a ric e chest and had died in it, from Mt. Baebong

, Yangju, to Mt. Hwa, Suwon. and the moving of the local government headquarters from near Mt. hwa to the current location under Mt. Paldal, Suwon. The mountain was consid ered as the best place to build tombs accordi ng to the theory of geomancy in those days.

Gangwon-do With KOKIN


Accommodations _ Gangwon-do



LOCATION : 114, Yeongjong-daero, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea
ROOMS : 201
ROOM FACILITIES : Free WIFI, Free tea and water service,

Hair dryer, DVD, VIDEO PLAYER Machine, Cable TV

CONVENIRNT FACILITIES : Fitness Center, Business Center



THE SIGHTS_ Gyeonggi-do

Nami Island

Internationally known as a cultural and recreational tourist destin ation focused on imagination and the arts, Nami Island declared i ts cultural independence on March 1, 2006. Like other independe nt republics, Naminara Republic has its own national flag, anthem

 , passport, postage stamps, telephone cards, written characters, papers, and currency. One of the most important national policie s of Naminara Republic is the preservation of it unique natural set ting and the promotion of a wide variety of cultural and arts prog rams with popular appeal.

Petite France

Saint Exupery Memorial Hall

France Traditional House Exhibit Hall Orgel House

Beethoven Virus Film Location Love from star drama location


Jeju lsland With KOKIN

Accommodations _ Jeju lsland

Kal Hotel Jeju LOCATION : 151, Jungang-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea
ROOMS : 282
ROOM FACILITIES : Free Water, Cash box, Wifi, TV, Self tea service
CONVENIRNT FACILITIES : Fitness Center, Business Center, Casino, Hair Shop


Accommodations _ Jeju lsland

Ocean Suite Jeju LOCATION : 74, Tapdonghaean-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea
ROOMS : 350
ROOM FACILITIES : Free Internet, Water 2 Bottle, Free tea service, TV, Hair dryer, Shower booth
CONVENIRNT FACILITIES : Fitness Center, Therapy, Convenience Store


THE SIGHTS_ Jeju lsland

Teddy Bear Museum

The Teddy Bear was named for American’s 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname was Teddy. The story goes that President Roosev elt had been bear hunting. At the end of his trip, he had not shot a single bear. One of staff memb ers caught a bear cub and lashed it to a tree for President Roosevelt to shoot. He refused. Presid ent Roosevelt felt it was inappropriate behavior f or a sportsman such as himself. This story spread rapidly, people soon started to make their own T eddy Bears. Morris Michtom, an American and Margarete Steiff, a German, were the first manuf actures to produce teddy bears commercially. Th e Steiff Co. was the most successful of the two t oy companies. You can see many of Steiff’s tradit ional bears in the Jeju Teddy Bear Museum.



Yongduam has a shape of a dragon soaring tow ard the sky from the sea. It looks like a real wrig gling dragon when you stare at it. You can enjoy Yongduam more clearly when the waves are swi rling rather than calm. It is located at 200m wes t from Yongyeon, downstream of Hancheon. As it is a famous tourist attraction, there are alway s many tourists.

THE SIGHTS_ Jeju lsland

Cheonjeyeon Falls

Cheonjaeyeon means “god’s pond” because, acc ording to legend, fairies of the King of the Heave n came here at night to take a bath. The first wat erfall of Cheonjaeyeon is 22m in height and 21m deep. The water flow of the second waterfall is 3 0m wide. The view of Cheonjaeyeon from the ar ch-shaped Seonimgyo bridge is magnificent. Spri ng water gushes all year round between the prec ipice of Cheonjaeyeon and the clay layers under neath. The water from the eastern part of the fir st waterfall has been used as drinking water. Yeo miji Botanical Garden and many other tourist att ractions are nearby.


Ghost Road

On the Mysterious Road, you can experience th e strange feeling that your car, aimed downhill, actually goes uphill. This is an optical illusion cr eated due to the surrounding environment.

THE SIGHTS_ Jeju lsland

 Seongeup Folk Village

Our whole village is designated as an important folklo re site and preserves Jeju’s past. We are not just a fol k village, in fact people still live here. They can talk to you about life in the village.

Seongsan Ilchulbong

Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone was created by hydrov olcanic eruptions 100,000 years ago. The peak was on ce an island, but it is now connected to Jeju Island, du e to the sand and gravel washed ashore from Shinyan g Beach. Farmers used to grow crops on it. About 200 varieties of plants and animals live on it. Udo Island is to the north and Seopjikoji is to the south. The peak i s a prime spot from which to view the sunrise. It was designated as a natural monument on July 19, 2000; a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site on July 2, 2007; a Global Geopark on October 1, 2010; and one of th e New7Wonders of Nature on November 12th, 2011.

Travel vehicle

The vehicle is based on 45 seaters.





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  • Quote the most optimum point
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  • All restaurants makes advance reservations
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  • All cars takes up an insurance policy
  • Driver who has been verified
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  • The best customer service provider
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  • Check a meeeting & sending time
  • Check a customers satisfaction inbetween


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